MSD Adult Doll Measurements: Ambriel & Pippa
(My MSD body is a TRUE MSD sized body! So she fits clothing labeled for MSD sized BJD)
Height: 43cm 16 1/4"
Wig: Size 7
Eyes: Size 12mm & 14mm
Shoulder width: 7cm Can share clothing most MSD sized dolls especially slim MSD
Chest size: 19cm
MSD shoes, Kish 14" & 16" doll shoes, Some Bluette shoes
Waist size: 13.5cm
Hip size: 19cm
Arm length: 13cm
Leg length:22cm outside, 19.5 inside
Foot length: 5.5CM
Foot width: 1.2CM
Wrist 3.5cm
upper arm 5.5cm
ankle 4.5cm
Thigh 10.5cm

YOSD Doll Measurements: Chloe & Zoe (Not my BabyFat Dolls. I will put their info. up soon)
Height: 27cm 10 1/4"
Wig: Size 6
Eyes: Size 10mm oval and round, some round 12mm
Shoulder width: 6.5cm Can share clothing with Little Fee, and Goodreau and Creedy 8" and Effner 13"
Chest size: 14cm
YOSD shoes, Bitty Bethany Shoes, 13" Effner shoes, Some Bluette shoes
Waist size: 12cm
Hip size: 14.5cm
Arm length: 7.5cm
Leg length:10cm
Foot length: 4CM
Foot width: 1.9CM

Tiny BJD Measurements: Sugar, Alexandria, Addie
Height: 18cm 7 1/4"
Wig: Size 4-5
Eyes: Oval & round 8mm, some round 10mm
Shoulder width: 5cm Can share clothes with Riley Kish if loose in the waist
Chest size: 11cm
Shoes: Can share with Lati Yellow, larger Blythe and Pullup
Waist size: 10cm
Hip size: 11cm
Arm length: 5.5cm
Leg length:6.25cm
Foot length: 3CM
Foot width: 1.5CM

Sugar Baby BJD Measurements: Leilani, Chelsea, Jade
Height: 14cm 5 1/4"
Wig Size: 4-5, Riley works if glued on for tiny babies with hair
Neck:5cm Eyes: Size 6 or 8mm oval and round,
Shoulder width: 3.5cm Can share clothing with 5" Berenguer babies
Chest size: 11cm
Shoes: Small Blythe and Pullup & some Lati
Waist size: 11.5cm
Hip size: 12cm
Arm length: 4.5cm
Leg length:4.5cm
Foot length: 2.4CM
Foot width: 1.2CM

Dream Doll Measurements: Bella, Bree, Emma and Sophie
Height 40cm
Arms 12.4cm
Legs 18.3cm
Chest 17cm
Waist 13cm
Hips 19cm
Shoulder to shoulder 8cm
Neck 6cm
Wrist 4 cm
Foot length 5.5cm
Foot Width 2cm

Bella & Bree wear a size 7-8 Monique wig (19cm around ears for usual wig measurement, and 10cm over back from forehead hairline to bottom of wig cap at brain stem and 12cm top of ear to top of ear around the back of the head).

NOTES: Emma, Sophie & Zoe wear a size 6-7 wig (18cm/9cm/10cm - same places measured above on Bella/Bree respectively).
These doll bodies will easily wear many clothes made from patterns for slim MSD BJD’s like Narae/Unoa (small bust) or 16” Dollmore, Fairyland MiniFee & some others.
Their measurements are actually a wonderful fit for many GraceFaerie patterns and some modified MHD Designs patterns as well as others.
They can trade clothing with any of these dolls mentioned for patterns above and some Goodreau as well as 14” Kish & some Ellowyne clothing too.
All of these dolls wear Slim MSD shoes (Narae/Unoa) or 14” Kish doll shoes and 20”Cissy shoes well in addition to those I have made for them.