Red by Bo Bergemann is the first tiny LE to debut my brand new slim mini adult BJD sculpt - Juliet.

Pip & Squeak by Bo Bergemann
Pip is an adorable mischievous toddler and Squeak is her imaginary friend who is always saying, "Uh Oh!" while trying desperately to keep Pip out of more trouble. Why? Because Pip blames everything on Squeak of course!

My Lavender and Lace human and elven eared dolls pre-order has ended. You may still order costuming through September 15th, 2014.

Above is brown sugar Lace in my Blue Fairy Fullset.

Below is Lavender in Pink Shimmer skin tone in a Forest Nymph fullset costume.
I have several options on dolls to order now including brand new fullset costuming to add to any basic BJD's with artist face ups you previously ordered. If you find it difficult to find what you want or make your order, just Contact Me and I will send you an invoice to pay online to keep things simpler for you! I make all these options available to make your doll truly yours and then also offer installment plans so things can get a bit complicated. But I am always happy to assist.

Lavender Human Ear Dolls Pre-Order

Lavender & Lace Elven Ear Dolls Pre-order has ended

Costume Pre-Order Page for Elves. Actually these will fit all my Muse dolls: Poppy, Malia, Olivia, Lavender or Lace. Click here to see all the costumes available on the costume pre-order page.

In Stock Ready to Ship Completed Artist Dolls
There is always at least a little something available here at any given time. These dolls are in stock as show and ready to ship so they do go quick making it difficult for me to keep this shop stocked. But if you check back often you may find something very special available here!

Basic BJD's In Stock Ready to Ship
I have select true blank basic BJD's ready for hobbyists and BJD Artist's who do not sculpt to complete at any time available in stock here.