I will be away at the KBJD Show in LA April 22-27. Here is a sneak peak at a few of the very special dolls I'm bringing with me to the show. Most are one off versions of some of my sculpts, but I will also be debuting a couple small LE"s there. So check back soon to see some fabulous new offerings!
Runway Dreams Malia by Bo Bergemann

Peacock Blossom by Bo Bergemann

Victorian Angel Olivia by Bo Bergemann
DSC09910 - Version 2

Lavender & Lace will make both make their debut at the KBJD in a one off version or two as well. I will get more photos up soon!

Blood Moon Malia by Bo Bergemann LE will debut at the KBJD show.
This is a very small limited edition offering debuting at the KBJD show that will deliver in time for collectors to display her this Halloween, Oct 2014. A bit of a departure from what I am known for. But creativity knows no bounds and I was inspired by the recent Lunar Eclipse also known as a Blood Moon. So here it is personified. Starring role played by my Malia sculpt.

Catwalk Jessica by Bo Bergemann is a one off version of my Jessica sculpt in my brown sugar resin. She is the first in a small series of one off dolls on this theme. I was inspired to design the ensemble first and from there this Jessica was born. I love these fabrics and this modern twist on an Asian style.


As always with every show and convention I attend, all dolls are available to collectors online as of the second day of the show's salesroom being open. I give show goers first dibbs to buy the first day since they made the effort to attend the show. But as of the second day, just contact me to send you an invoice for any doll you see that you'd like. If she is not already sold by the time I see youre email, then I will send you an invoice and expect immediate payment. You can always use BillMeLater to make 6 monthly payment interest free via Paypal or one of your own credit cards. After the show is over, any leftover dolls will likely be placed into my in stock ready to ship shop.
Bo Bergemann