Made to Order Doll Note: This does not mean custom dolls with lots of requests and emails for fine tuning to a customers requested fine detail. I never have time for that much anymore. Those days are gone. This simply means I will take your order and if you want a basic doll, get it shipped within a week. If you want an artist face up added, I will then put her in my schedule and ship when she's complete. I will give you an approximate expected delivery time when you order.

But I can do an artist face up for you on any of these sculpts shown here similar to what you see. These come with random eyes and lashes set in and a random wig so you need merely dress her yourself. Otherwise, check my frequently to find new dolls I put up there almost weekly that also sell out almost weekly. I will be using some of the handful of dolls I have leftover from various pre-orders fulfilled late last year in addition to these dolls whose pre-orders are fulfilling the first quarter of this year. So if you missed a pre-order and want a completed artist doll that delivered the latter half of 2014 or is delivering now in the first quarter of 2015, that is where you will find one - in stock ready to ship when you see her there. But I still offer installment plans for those who need a few months to pay.

I have the following sculpts available now as basic BJD's only. You may request and artist face ($150) up by contacting me to add to your purchase which I will then fit into my schedule.

Pip & Squeak by Bo Bergemann
Pip is an adorable mischievous toddler and Squeak is her imaginary friend who is always saying, "Uh Oh!" while trying desperately to keep Pip out of more trouble. Why? Because Pip blames everything on Squeak of course! Just a couple left!

I have a handful of elves left - literally. If you are interested in something, contact me to see if I have a basic of that doll available. We can then arrange a face up if needed and fit it into my schedule. But there are literally just one or two here or their amongst the two elven eared sculpts (Lavender or Lace) and 8 resin tones I offered. So it's best if you email me or use the contact form to tell me you want one and in what colors to see if I still have that available at that time. You can easily drag and drop photos from my website into your email to clearly show me what you want. The extra Elves as blank nude basic BJD's with a random pair of eyes (I only have 1 or 2) are $680.00. With an artist face up and random eyes/wig (I will take your requests into consideration here) Add $150 to the basic price. or . . .Check out my In Stock Ready to Ship OOAK's shop to find the last few put up there as I find time to finish OOAK completed artist versions with them this year.

Above is brown sugar Lace in my Blue Fairy Fullset.

Below is Lavender in Pink Shimmer skin tone in a Forest Nymph fullset costume.


I have a couple of these medieval coat dress
es left too. Just a few so tell me what you are looking for and I will see if I have one for you. $150 each.


Other Basic BJD's In Stock Ready to Ship Available at this time Click Here!
I have select true blank basic BJD's ready for hobbyists and BJD Artist's who do not sculpt to complete at any time available in stock here.

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