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Tagalong Treats by Bo Bergemann (3)
You have landed on the website to pre-order a brand new original ball jointed doll by Bo Bergemann. r. Thank you!

If you wish to learn more about Bo Bergemann and her art including original fine art dolls (or to purchase a doll currently in stock) please go to

Spring Has Sprung! Featuring: Tag-A-Long Treats by Bo Bergemann! Brand new 11" dolls perfect for travel dolls, as desktop buddies and purse pals. The perfect size not too big, nor too little but JUST RIGHT! EZ to do anything with! These dolls sold out quick but I'm ordering just a handful of extra's so contact me via email if you want one and then with my permission you can still order until the handful of extra dolls are all spoken for. This offering will deliver this Fall.
Tagalong Treats by Bo Bergemann
Please Scroll down for all the info. & More Photos to help you try to choose just one.

Four new faces on a brand new 11" BJD body that can fit most of the comparable sized doll clothing readily available.

Meet Missy. . .
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and last but never least . . .Jo! All quality resin BJD's by Bo Bergemann. You can collect them all!

Tagalong Treats by Bo Bergemann (37)Tagalong Treats by Bo Bergemann (6)
All of the original completed artist dolls showcased here on this website at this time are already sold. However, you may still purchase a completed artist doll in the same pattern/theme of one of these but yours will be one of a kind made by Bo just for you for only $695. Once you order, Bo will contact you allowing you to choose your resin color, eyes, wig and 1-2 costume colors. Then Bo will get to work planning and creating a doll just for you! Or you can simply order a Basic Blank BJD ($420) to complete as your own art project or a Basic BJD with Face Up ($445) to costume as your own project. The possibilities are endless with these fabulous cuties. Not too big nor too small but as Little Bear would say, JUST RIGHT!
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Scroll down for more info. and ordering options. Or click on the photo of any doll to be taken to her own page with lots more photos and info. on her alone.

Janie - ready for Easter fun!
Tagalong Treats by Bo Bergemann (3)
You can order in stock ready to ship completed original fine art dolls on Bo's gallery website: This website is for collectors looking to order a brand new doll coming out in advance to obtain a discount and have the most options available to meet each collector's personal desires. There are payment plans available here too.

Missy - saying goodbye to Winter!
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This is the quick and easy way to order a brand new up and coming quality resin BJD by Bo Bergemann as a blank basic doll, or nude with face painted ready for you to dress or a custom completed original fine art doll. Your choice! Bo is all about giving collectors choices during any pre-order. Once the dolls are in stock, they are usually either sold out completely or down to just a couple options. So pre-ordering is always your best bet for the best deal and most options still available along with financing and layaway plans. After that the only way to get one of these cuties will be if Bo orders a few extra to bring with her to shows and conventions this year or offers a special OOAK version in her Ki'i Nani Gallery.

Missy ready for Easter Sunday Services!
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If the payment plans offered do not work for you simply contact Bo to discuss a Layaway Plan catering to your personal needs.

Jo - always an original!
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If you have further questions at any time please contact or use our contact link here in hopes of not being sent to her junk mail folder. Bo is always happy to help, so if you do not hear back quickly please know she did not get your message and try again or another way. You can also reach Bo on Facebook under Bo Bergemann. The contact page from her website almost never goes astray so please try that.

Prissy - Intelligent beauty like her hero:Alice
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