Fabulous Fairies and Fullsets available on pre-order now!

I put up a Facebook Album to highlight some of the very special dolls that will be with me at my Summer/Fall shows and cons this year. I will also post while at those shows so it is a great way for you to see what is going on there and share in all the show fun!

Congratulations to Lavender who won and Industries Choice Diamond Award for Best Artist BJD!
3 other Bo Bergemann Dolls won Diamond Awards as well! All are on pre-order now just use the Order Dolls Here Link to the left or click on the photo of any doll you'd like to see more of.

I'd like to send a huge Hawaiian Mahalo (thank you!) to all my collectors for continuing to believe in me and my work so that I can continue to pursue excellence in doll artistry! Thank you all from the bottom of my doll loving heart!
Bo Bergemann

Introducing Tundra by Bo Bergemann
Tundra is a very tiny very special LE I am debuting at the International Doll Show.
Click Here to see more of Tundra!

Fantasy Color Elves up for Pre-Order now! Click Here to see more.

Lavender & Lace Fairies by Bo Bergemann
Available on Pre-Order in Human skin tone Pink Shimmer. Click Here to see more!


Lace is my Malia sculpt to which I've added some very delicate elegant elven ears.
Find lots more photos and info. on my new Lavender & Lace Fairies on their Pre-Order Page. Just click here!

Introducing Lavender by Bo Bergemann.
This is the human ear versions of this lovely new sculpt
DSC02370 2DSC01761
She is my brand new Muse doll. To see and learn more click here!
DSC02371 2DSC02375 2
Click Here to learn more about this offering and go to the Pre-order page.

Blood Moon Malia by Bo Bergemann will debut at the KBJD show in LA shortly! Here is a sneak peak.
She is the first in my Happily Never After series on this theme. I was inspired to her name by the recent lunar eclipse. When I saw it clearly here in Hawaii, it looked mysterious, ghostly with a red tint. So here it is personified!
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Bo Bergemann